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Entomology: Extension & Outreach

Southeastern Peach Growers' Handbook

Dan Horton and Donn Johnson, Editors

David Lockwood, Horticulture, Associate Editor
Harald Scherm, Plant Pathology, Associate Editor
Donn Johnson, Dan Horton, and Clyde Gorsuch, Entomology, Associate Editors

Agricultural Economics
Plant Pathology
Claude L. Dorminey
Thomas G. Beckman
Phillip M. Brannen
Jennie Popp
Ross E. Byers
Kerik D. Cox
George Westberry
D. C. Coston
Patrick Fenn
Agricultural Engineering
M. E. Ferree
R. Walker Miller
Kerry A. Harrison
David W. Lockwood
Andrew P. Nyczepir
Paul E. Sumner
Wayne E. Mitchem
P. Lawrence Pusey
Stephen C. Myers
David F. Ritchie
Ted Cottrell
W. R. Okie
Harald Scherm
Kathy L. Flanders
Michael L. Parker
Guido Schnabel
Clyde S. Gorsuch
A. A. Powell
Simon W. Scott
Greg Hodges
Gregory L. Reighard
Vertebrate Pest Management
Dan Horton
Mark Rieger
Jeffrey J. Jackson
Sam Hudson
James W. Rushing
Donn Johnson
Keith Steiger
Russell F. Mizell, III
Kathryn C. Taylor
David J. Shetlar



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